Pathology Playground: Soft Tissue Molecular Unknowns

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1. Tibial mass
2. Shoulder mass
3. Retroperitoneal mass
4. Thigh mass
5. Prostate mass
6. Thigh mass
7. Thigh mass
8. Wrist mass
9. Skin Nodule
10. Abdominal Mass
11. Tendon Mass
12. Thigh Mass
13. Abdominal Mass
14. Lung Mass
15. Arm Lesion
16. Neck Mass
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Set #1: Original Immuno Unknowns

Set #2: Harder Immuno Unknowns

Set #3: House Unknowns

Set #5: Lymphoma Molecular Unknowns

Disclaimer: Many H&E's are borrowed from the Michigan virtual slide box and Rosai collection which are great sites. Some molecular results are from various papers.