Pathology Playground: Immuno Unknowns
Below are pathology unknowns cases in which you can order immunostains and molecular studies. Choose your case, and when presented with a text box, begin typing the immuno or other study you'd like, and select it from the Autocomplete list. Enter your diagnosis to see if you're correct and see a presentation. Use "Ask Brett" for a hint.

Try out a new version of the site with whole-slide images where you can upload your own cases, crowd unknowns!

1. Pancreatic Mass
2. Brain Mass
3. Colon
4. Lung Mass
5. Lymph Node
6. Shoulder Mass
7. Spinal Mass
8. Prostate Mass
9. Tibial Mass
10. Lymph Node
11. Bonus: Lymph Node

Set #2: Harder Immuno Unknowns

Set #3: House Unknowns

Set #4: Soft Tissue Molecular Unknowns

Set #5: Lymphoma Molecular Unknowns

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