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Dr. double B is a pathologist/rapper/biker/producer/director. He may be better at some of those things than others.

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Iliac Lymph Node

38 y/o male w/ enlarged iliac lymph node, surgeon wants to know what kind of lymphoma it is

Brain mass

55 y/o with adjacent enhancing lesions

Nasal cavity

80 y/o w/ nasal cavity mass

Brain mass 2

30 y/o w/ brain mass

Brain mass 3

50 y/o w brain mass

Renal mass

50 y/o male with renal mass

Bone marrow

70 y/o male, gout, diabetes, monoclonal gammopathy, diarrhea

Breast mass

64 y/o F with suspicious breast mass and enlarged axillary node

Orbital and Sinus Mass

59 y/o M with orbital and sinus mass


27 yo F w acute pneumothorax

Brain mass 4

38 yo pt with seizures, "no known medical history"

Bone marrow

31 yo M w CBC abnormalities

Products of Conception

30 yo F incomplete abortion

Neck mass

37 yo M supraclavicular neck mass

Pelvic mass

53 yo M, pelvic mass