Pathology Playground: Crowd Unknowns

Below are pathology unknowns cases in which you can order immunostains and molecular studies. Choose your case, and when presented with a text box, begin typing the immuno or other study you'd like, and select it from the Autocomplete list. Enter your diagnosis to see if you're correct and see a presentation. If you want to upload your own cases, Login at the top right and go to the Dashboard. Watch a Youtube video on how to use the site and upload your own cases here.

tag: softtissue


27 yo F w acute pneumothorax

Brain mass 4

38 yo pt with seizures, "no known medical history"

Pelvic mass

53 yo M, pelvic mass

Liver nodules

47 yo F with liver masses on MRI, suspected mets from HNSCC

Para aortic mass

66 yo M w RCC, suspected met to para aortic lymph node

Skull base lesion

32 yo M skull base clival lesion

Prolapsing uterine mass

Prolapsing uterine mass/vaginal mass, 14 y/o

Kidney mass

70 yo F kidney mass invading hilum

Breast mass

45 yo F breast mass

Pediatric dural tumor

18 yo M with hx of Wilm's tumor, now with headaches

Elbow tumor

37 year-old male with a soft tissue tumor in the right elbow

Frontal tumor

61 yo M with frontoparietal lesion likely meningioma