Pathology Playground: Crowd Unknowns

Below are pathology unknowns cases in which you can order immunostains and molecular studies. Choose your case, and when presented with a text box, begin typing the immuno or other study you'd like, and select it from the Autocomplete list. Enter your diagnosis to see if you're correct and see a presentation. If you want to upload your own cases, Login at the top right and go to the Dashboard. Watch a Youtube video on how to use the site and upload your own cases here.

tag: neuro

Brain mass

55 y/o with adjacent enhancing lesions

Brain mass 2

30 y/o w/ brain mass

Brain mass 3

50 y/o w brain mass

Brain mass 4

38 yo pt with seizures, "no known medical history"

Another brain mass

33 yo pregnant F w 3 cm peripherally cystic and centrally solid mass in R parietal lobe

Pediatric dural tumor

18 yo M with hx of Wilm's tumor, now with headaches

Spinal tumor

60 yo M with neurological symptoms, multiple spinal lesions