Pathology Playground: Crowd Unknowns

Below are pathology unknowns cases in which you can order immunostains and molecular studies. Choose your case, and when presented with a text box, begin typing the immuno or other study you'd like, and select it from the Autocomplete list. Enter your diagnosis to see if you're correct and see a presentation. If you want to upload your own cases, Login at the top right and go to the Dashboard. Watch a Youtube video on how to use the site and upload your own cases here.

tag: kidney

Renal mass

50 y/o male with renal mass

Kidney mass

70 yo F kidney mass invading hilum

kidney 2

45 F 2 cm renal mass

kidney tumor 4

70 y male 2.4 cm right inferior pole exophytic mass ; core biopsy

kidney tumor 5

40 F with 2 cm left kidney mass

kidney tumor 8

65 male left kidney mass

kidney tumor 10

left kidney mass 60 female